MoFA Stresses Government Desire to Receive Hakeem Al-Araibi from Thailand, Says He Holds Right to Appeal

2019-02-04 - 9:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement explaining the government's point of view with respect to Hakeem Al-Araibi's case. It said it wishes to receive Al-Araibi from Thailand and that he holds the right to appeal this court decision if present at Bahrain's Court of Appeal.

The statement said "The decision to issue an international arrest warrant stems from Al-Araibi's decision to flee while awaiting trial. Al-Araibi was granted bail and prior to his court hearing, was also granted special permission in December 2013 to travel to participate in a football tournament in Qatar, during which he absconded to Iran. In addition to violating the terms of his bail, Al-Araibi also took advantage of a special consideration granted to him as a sportsman."

"The issuance of international arrest warrants is standard practice for all Interpol member countries and a vital mechanism for fighting crime," it added.

The ministry stated that "Al-Araibi, as with defendants in all criminal cases in Bahrain, is guaranteed full legal rights and protections with full access to proper representation."

"On 6 January 2014, Al-Araibi was convicted of a number of offences under Bahrain's penal code. He was not present to defend himself or to refute the charges against him of possessing incendiary devices, having been involved with others in an arson attack and causing damage to property," it further stated.

The statement concluded that "Al-Araibi holds the right to appeal this court decision if present at Bahrain's Court of Appeal, as others involved in this case have done so."

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