GFBTU Calls on Bapco Leased Workers not to Sign Tatweer Offers under Pressure

2018-12-23 - 7:20 am

Bahrain Mirror: The General Federaion of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) Hassan Al-Halwaji called upon the leased workers of Bapco to take their time before accepting "Tatweer's" offer, stating that a call has been made to the Ministry of Labor and union regarding this topic.

He also stated that this communication was done over the weekend and it is expected to result in a meeting with the Oil Minister to deliver the concerns of these on-lease workers and union regarding the future of their rights.

Al-Hawajli also called the workers not to hastily sign this contract under pressure or duress, assuring them that GFBTU will not accept that any worker gets harmed in his living, rights or financial earnings, whether through moving to another company or choosing something else.

He continued saying that we realize the amount of pressure they are under and we call them to take it slow because we are working to make sure that all their rights are preserved. This is not a matter of agreements or compromise, but it is according to the law which ensures that workers' rights are preserved in cases of movements.

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