3&6-Month Jail Term against Two Youths over Charge of Manufacturing Molotov

2018-11-20 - 7:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The third minor criminal court sentenced two youths to 3 and 6 months in jail over charge of manufacturing Molotov in one of their father's garage.

The authorities say that the two defendants agreed on using a garage owned by one of their fathers to manufacture Molotov, aiming at using them in riots. It was their first time to manufacture Molotov and by mistake one of them got burnt in the garage. The civil defense was called to control the fire. It was then realized that the incident took place as a result of Molotov manufacturing.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of acquiring Molotov, on September 6, 2018, aiming at using them to put people's lives and money to danger. It accused the second suspect of causing a fire that would endanger people's lives and money.

The court sentenced the first suspect to 3 months in jail and fined him 200 BD and set 200 BD as a bail to halt the execution, and sentenced the second suspect to 6 months in jail, fined him 500 BD and set 200 BD as a bail to halt the execution.

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