Angry Protests staged across Bahrain Rejecting Life Sentence Issued against Opposition Leader, Normalization with Israel

2018-11-10 - 8:55 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Hundreds of citizens took part in angry protests rejecting the life sentence issued by the appeals court against opposition leader and Al-Wefaq secretary-general Sheikh Ali Salman. Protestors also condemned the government's normalization attempts with Israel.

Photos published by activists showed hundreds of citizens taking part in protests on Friday (November 9, 2018) in each of: Manama, Diraz, Saar, Musalla, Karbabad, Bilad Al-Qadeem, Karana, Abu Saiba, Al-Shakhoura, Himla, Al-Ma'ameer, Al-Daih and other areas.

Bahrain's scholars have called for a popular week of rage against normalization with Israel and the life sentence issued against Al-Wefaq Secretary General Sheikh Ali Salman.

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