Alba Still Seeking Exemption from American Fees

2018-11-07 - 8:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Alba CEO, Tim Murray, said that the company is working with the Bahraini government in order to exempt its exports from taxes levied on aluminium imports in the United States.

He confirmed in an interview with the Arab CNBC that the global aluminum market is very healthy, despite the volatility that has been associated with the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Officials in the company previously confirmed to local media outlets that Alba began in (April 2018) to pay the 10% export fee levied by the US administration, amid fears of loss of U.S. market by Bahraini exporters.

The fees came into effect on March 21, 2018 and all Bahraini aluminium companies will be obliged to pay these fees, which are not subject to the Free trade agreement signed between the two countries in 2006.

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