Filipinos Receive Flexible Permits, Filipino Gov’t to Fix Statuses of its Community in Bahrain

2018-11-06 - 8:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: Dozens of Filipinos received flexible permits granted by Labour Market Regulatory Authority to the illegal workers, after receiving financial support from the governments of their countries.

An official statement said that head of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, Osama Al-Absi, met two officials from the Philippines to discuss granting more permits to workers, which allow them to reside and work in Bahrain.

Filipino Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Sarah Lou Arriola said that the Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte is concerned in fixing the statuses of the Filipino community in Bahrain, indicating that her government will continue to financially support the illegal Filipino workers until correcting the statuses of all of them.

Bahrain grants flexible permit to illegal or fugitive workers for 449 BD.

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