Responses to Bahraini Industry Minister: How Did You Reach Your Ministry Post, Via Your Surname or Creativity?!

2018-10-07 - 2:58 am
Industry and Commerce Minister (right) and Crown Prince (left) attending F1 race

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Two strikes by the Minister of Industry Zayed Al-Zayani have stirred the Bahraini social media, causing outrage. The first was a statement issued by him in which he described the current Bahraini generation as "lacking innovation and creativity", and the second was the minister's response to a citizen on his Instagram page, the least that could be said about it is that it was very rude.

In his meeting with the Bahrain Business Women Society, he responded to questions from attendees about the competition foreigners bring for Bahrainis after giving them the freedom to fully own business registers, saying that "the Bahraini economy has become an open economy, and there is no way to back down." He further added that survival in the market will always remain for the strongest, the most intelligent and those who seek to develop their business the most. The minister added that the current Bahraini generation lacks innovation and creativity unlike past generations, despite the availability of infrastructures that were not available to previous generations.

After the minister posted a photo of him from inside a plane on his Instagram page, thanking the hosts of Gulf Air. A citizen commented on the photo saying: "Sure your service is better because you are the Boss, yet, we, the poor people, were forced to empty our luggage for carrying 2 extra kilos". The minister responded by saying: "You had to pay some money. It seems that you spent your money on parties and you didn't get a guarantor!"

Bahrainis voiced their disappointment by the low level the minister stooped to in his comment. The "funny" minister reflects a funny government that granted him a sovereign post. How is it appropriate for the Minister of Tourism to insult a Bahraini tourist and accuse him of spending his money on parties?! Should such an attitude be accepted from an employee in the Ministry of Tourism? How about the Minister of Tourism himself?

Bahrainis also expressed strong dissatisfaction at the Minister's irresponsible statement downgrading the new generation of Bahraini youths. How could the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism launch such a harsh and unjust generalization about the new generation and describe it as one that lacks creativity and innovation! This is a statement that wouldn't be uttered even by an ignorant person who does not evaluate his words. Is this the authorities' opinion of the new generation?!

The state's respect and appreciation for its people is manifested by its officials respect and appreciation for the people. Committing to valuing the people's status, and giving them confidence, encouragement, and pride, are a priority for governments that are devoted to supporting and lifting their people. The ministers appointed by the State to serve the people are the façade that reflects the level of such devotion. It also shows whether choosing the minister or official is based on high personal and professional competence, or on nepotism, selectivity or his/her family name.

Ibrahim Sharif, former Secretary-General of the dissolved Wa'ad Society, posted a piece of news announcing the victory of the Bahrain National junior handball team in the eighth Asian Championship, which was held in the Jordanian capital of Amman, and commented by saying: "This is enough to teach creativity to the minister ".


مصانع الابداع..
بامكانيات متواضعة حقق ناشؤونا بطولة آسيا لكرة اليد. ماذا لو توفرت لهم الامكانيات التي تتوفر في الدول المتقدمة؟

بالأمس قال وزير الصناعة والتجارة أن شبابنا يفتقدون للابداع. بضعة زيارات للأندية الفقيرة التي أنتجت هؤلاء الشباب كفيلة بتعليم الوزير صناعة الابداع.

— Ebrahim Sharif (@ebrahimsharif) September 26, 2018


Abdulnabi Salman, former secretary general of the Progressive Tribune Society, also commented on the issue and said: "As for the statement of the Minister of Commerce Zayed Al-Zayani that the current generation in Bahrain lacks creativity, [I ask] is it wise and reasonable to say this to our youth? And if true.. Does this not discredit the educational system?! The case of hundreds of thousands of foreigners with forged certificates has not yet closed, Oh Minister!!"

"What might be wrong with the current generation is the lack of your surname," journalist Adel Al-Marzouq tweeted. "What allowed you to reach your ministry position, is it your family name (Al-Zayani) or your (creative accomplishments)? Did major international companies compete over your creative accomplishments, so did we win you as a minister?"

"If this is indeed a statement by the minister as shown in the photo, he must know that there are young Bahraini innovators in many areas who were forced to travel outside the country due to lack of jobs and nepotism and the intense competition by foreigners who launder money," another tweeter stressed.

For his part, activist Sharaf Al-Mosawi said: "The official who mocks his country people is not worthy of holding any position in this country."

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Industry and Commerce Minister (right) and Crown Prince (left) attending F1 race

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