Ali Mushaima Ends his Hunger Strike after Medical Advice and Promises to Give his Father Right to Treatment

2018-09-17 - 7:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ali Mushaima announced on Saturday (September 15, 2018) stopping his hunger strike with continuing his protest outside the Bahraini Embassy in London.

Ali's decision came based on medical advice and the embassy's announcement that his detained father, Hasan Mushaima, will receive medical care without making him wear the prison uniform and without being handcuffed.

Mushaima started his hunger strike on August 1 to protest against banning his father from medical care, family visits and reading books.

Medical information said that Mushaima lost 20% of his weight due to his hunger strike that lasted more than 45 days.

However, Mushaima said that he will continue his protest in front of the embassy and will go on hunger strike again next month if the authorities don't treat his father.  

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