Kuwaiti Sergeant Detained for Forging Secondary School Degree from Bahrain, Fined 700,000 Dinars

2018-07-29 - 2:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: Kuwaiti Al-Seyassah Newspaper reported that a criminal court ruled on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, imprisoning a military person in the Ministry of the Interior who has the rank of "first sergeant" for 5 years. The sergeant was also dismissed from the job, obliged to pay 233,000 dinars and fined twice the amount, over forging a secondary school degree from Bahrain.

The Kuwaiti public opinion was shook by what the paper described as "the fraud scandal" after the public prosecution revealed that it was interrogating 50 defendants in this case amid reports of hundreds of forged and fake certificates.

A legal source told the newspaper that the convicted sergeant forged his degree by falsifying the certification data on the seal of the Kuwaiti embassy in Bahrain, pointing out that the defendant took advantage of the "good faith of the competent official entrusted with the certification of degrees in the Department of Certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fabricated false statements, falsely attributing them to the Kuwaiti Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain."

"The defendant in his capacity as a public official in the Ministry of the Interior illegally seized the amount mentioned," in the report,  it added, expecting harsher sentences and hefty fines to be issued against the forgers of university degrees, especially if the owners already hold important positions and high-level posts, as reported and published on the topic in the past few days.


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