Photos: Conference in Bahrain Demanding Al Khalifa Ruling to State of Qatar

2018-07-03 - 7:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Institute for Strategic, International and Energy (Derasat) organized a conference on Saturday (June 30, 2018) demanding the Al Khalifa family rule of the state of Qatar.

Chairman Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa stated that the borders "were drawn with foreign protection, the region was subjected to forced displacement of people and the demographics have been changed," indicating that the conference sheds light on "the establishment of the Al Khalifa state in the Qatar Peninsula".

Abdullah said that Zubara constituted a significant commercial center and that the Al Khalifa rule formed a historic union between Bahrain and Qatar, claiming that there are "areas in Qatar that are part of Bahraini territory."

The conference that kicked off its works in the Four Seasons hotel will discuss 3 main chapters:

Chapter 1: Zubara: capital of Al Khalifa in the Qatar Peninsula and Bahrain Islands

Chapter 2: rebellion against the legitimate rule of Al Khalifa in the Qatar Peninsula

Chapter 3: Qatari aggression on Al Dibal in 1986.

مؤتمر في البحرين يطالب بحكم آل خليفة لدولة قطر

مؤتمر في البحرين يطالب بحكم آل خليفة لدولة قطر

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