Court Upheld 3-Year Jail Term against Suspect over Seizing Cars Confiscated at Traffic Directorate and Selling Them as Scrap

2018-06-08 - 9:39 am

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a 3-year jail term issued against an employee in the general directorate of traffic who works as a crane driver, over seizing confiscated cars at the directorate and selling them as scrap.

A Bahraini man was caught driving a motorcycle and exceeding the speed limit, without holding a license. His motorcycle was confiscated in the traffic directorate yard. However, after a while he saw a person driving it. Thus, he headed to the directorate and told them. When they checked the vehicles in the yard, it was shown that other 5 Bahraini and Gulf vehicles were missed.

Investigations led to the suspect who works as a carne driver, and who is assigned to transfer vehicles to Alba's yard, and showed that he is the one who seized the cars and motorcycle. The scrap owner stated that the suspect sold him cars and that when he asked the suspect about the cars' papers, he stressed that there is no need for the papers because he is responsible for these cars.

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