Deep Concerns over 2 Bahraini Women Arrested 10 Days Ago with No Information about their Whereabouts

2018-05-30 - 12:51 am

Bahrain Mirror: The families of two Bahraini detainees, Zakia Isa al-Barbouri and Fatima Daoud Hassan, expressed their deep concern and fear over the two women's absence following their arrests and forced disappearance, since their whereabouts have been unknown.

The two women were arrested at dawn on Thursday (May 17th, 2018) after their houses were illegally raided at midnight and some of their belongings and possessions were confiscated, said a statement issued by both families on Tuesday (May 29, 2018).

The two families said that since the date of arrest until the time the statement was written, they have not been able to visit them, know why they were arrested or where they are being held.

The statement said that the lawyers of Zakia al-Barbouri and Fatima Hassan and members of the family had inquired about them more than once and at more than one place, the last of which was on Sunday, May 27, at the Criminal Investigation Department, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the women's police, the answer at all these places was "we don't have them."

The al-Barbouri and Hassan families called on the state and security authorities concerned to allow the two detainees to exercise their rights without any violation of their legal and human rights, and allow them to communicate with their parents and lawyers directly, as well as allow visiting them as soon as possible.


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