Court Upholds Life Sentence against Defendant Accused of Detonating Bomb

2018-05-02 - 8:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court upheld a life sentence issued against one of two appellants sentenced to life in jail after accusing them of detonating a locally-made bomb in Damistan near a charity association and attempting to murder two policemen, while trying to erase some slogans and remove abusive photos from the association's wall, which led to injuring both of the policemen and demolition of the wall, according to the indictment list.

The court claims that the suspects agreed and planned to kill any of the policemen in Damistan village.

The first suspect called the second one and they both headed to a building under construction. Meanwhile, the second suspect got the bomb and planted it inside a hole in the association's wall and gave the first one an electric wire connected to a battery. After the policemen came to take off the abusive pictures and erase the slogans written on the association's wall, the suspects detonated the bomb, inuring the policemen, according to the prosecution.

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