Court Upholds 15-Year Prison Term against 5 Accused of Attempted Murder of Policemen in Damastan

2018-04-29 - 8:55 p

Bahrain Mirror:The Bahraini High Criminal Court of Appeals has upheld a 15-year prison sentence for five defendants accused of attempting to kill policemen in the Damastan area, after case was returned from the Court of Cassation.

The five were accused of detonating a bomb placed in the middle of the street hidden inside palm trees that were blocking the road, attempting to kill policemen when they passed in their patrol vehicles. Authorities said that a number of police officers were injured.

Human rights groups challenge the incidents attributed to defendants due to doubts about the independence of the Bahraini judiciary, whose members are appointed by royal decrees, while rulings are based on confessions obtained under torture, evidence from secret investigations and anonymous witnesses.


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