Court Upholds 5-Year Jail Term and Deportation of Pakistani who Counterfeited Gold Stamps

2018-04-23 - 6:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeals upheld a 5-year jail term given to a Pakistani national for selling fake gold to shops. The first-instance court had sentenced him to 7 years in jail and ordered to deport him.

The defendant was accused by the Public Prosecution, on 11 September 2014, of counterfeiting official gold stamp and using it to sell fake gold with an anonymous partner as well as using a fake passport issued in Pakistan to complete his scams. According to court files, the defendant sold 13 fake pieces of gold to a jeweler in Riffa area. The worker at the shop later discovered that the gold is fake and lodged a complaint at the East Riffa Police Station. He sold gold worth 31 thousand BD to one of the shops.

The first-instance court sentenced the appellant to 7 years in jail and ordered his deportation. He challenged the verdict and the Supreme Court of Appeals commuted his jail term to 5 years.  

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