British Organization Calls for Protesting against Bahrains Participation in Royal Windsor Horse Race

2018-04-17 - 9:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: Campaign against Arms Trade (CAAT) called to stage a protest against participation of Bahrain in Royal Windsor Horse Race, to be held on May 12, due to Bahrain black human rights record.

The organization called upon Bahraini activists and dissidents in UK to take part in the protest that is to be held in front of Paddington station, in central London, during the race, against Bahrain's participation in the race despite its increasing violations and crimes against dissidents and activists.

CAAT mentioned in its call that Bahrain's participation in Royal Windsor Horse Race aims at whitewashing its human rights record, gaining legitimacy, and making it easier to secure future arms deals.

It also explained that the UK government is protecting UK arms sales and the military relationship in the face of an ever deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain. UK has licensed millions $ worth of arms to Bahrain since the eruption of the popular movement in February 2011.

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