Bahrain: Ongoing Harassment of Al-Ekr, Maameer and Nuwaidrat Residents

2018-04-15 - 12:01 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini security authorities continued to impose their siege as well as set up additional concrete barriers and checkpoints in the towns of Al-Ekr, Ma'ameer and Nuwaidrat.

Pictures posted by the "Rasd" network on social media showed checkpoints and concrete barriers, targeting residents of the three towns, which are predominantly populated by Shiite citizens.

The village of Diraz, a Shiite village with some 30,000 residents, has already been under siege. The siege in Diraz has been imposed since June 2016.

Interior Ministry forces target towns populated by the Shiite majority in the country by placing checkpoints and raiding the homes of their residents.

 استمرار مضايقة أهالي العكر والمعامير والنويدرات

 استمرار مضايقة أهالي العكر والمعامير والنويدرات 2


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