Gulf National Receives One-Year Jail Term over Charge of Insulting Judge, Attacking Policeman

2018-04-13 - 8:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court sentenced a Gulf national businessman (45 years) to one year in jail over insulting a judge and attacking a policeman.

Al-Houra police station received a notice stating that while the victim (policeman) was performing his job as a deputy from Muharraq police station, he brought the remanded man to the execution court. When the judge asked the man about the amount of money he can pay to abolish the arrest warrant against him, he insulted the judge and screamed at him.

The man also started to waved his hands angerly, thus, the policeman held the suspect's hands. The suspect then pushed the policeman and insulted him. The judge ordered the suspect out of the court, however, he refused to move with the policeman, who was obliged to handcuff him.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of attacking, on 8/11/2017, the bodily integrity of a member affiliated to the public peace, while and for performing his job, causing him the injuries mentioned in the medial report, noting that the injuries didn't hinder him from performing his personal works for more than 20 days. The Prosecution also accused him of insulting the execution judge, while and for performing his job.

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