3-Year Jail Term Issued against Suspect over Offending Security Forces, Burning Ties in Jid Ali

2018-04-12 - 8:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court accepted the objection of a Bahraini youth (18 years) and commuted his 5-year jail term, over charge of rioting, burning tires on public street and offending security forces, to 3 years.

The authorities claim that the suspect, along with others, burnt tires in 2015 and threw them on the public street, aiming at causing riots and intimidating people.

The first instance court sentenced the suspect to 5 years in jail after he admitted before the court that he took part in the crime attributed to him. The suspect then objected the 5-year jail term issued against him.

The court accepted the objection of the suspect in from and substance and commuted his prison term to 3 years in jail only.

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: Bahrain Mirror
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