Prosecution Says It Referred 21 Suspects 15 of Them in Custody to Court over Charge of Establishing Terrorist Cell

2018-04-02 - 10:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: Advocate General Ahmed Al-Hammadi said that the Terror Crime Prosecution concluded its investigation in a case of seizing explosives, arms and ammunition and forming a terrorist cell and joining it. 21 suspects were referred to trial, 15 of whom are in custody.

The suspects were charged with the illegal setting up of a terrorist group, joining it and financing its activities, handling, making and possessing explosives, weapons and ammunition, training on the use of weapons and explosives, and harboring and assisting runaway convicts to escape justice. The Fourth High Criminal court will look into the case on April 19, 2018.

The authorities claim that the main suspect who is found in Iran recruited an accomplice to implement his terrorist plots in Bahrain. The suspect also tasked the other one to form a "terrorist cell". Both of the suspects received trainings in the use of explosive in Iraq.

The Prosecution referred the suspects to the court reliant upon statements, including witness testimonies, technical evidences, CID reports as well as the suspects' confessions.

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: Bahrain Mirror