Detainee Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous Starts Hunger Strike over Denied Treatment

2018-03-08 - 9:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Shiite cleric Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous, who is detained among "Figures" case, started an open hunger strike protesting against being denied treatment by Jaw Prison's administration.

The figures haven't met their families since over a year in a protest against the harassment and maltreatment practiced by Jaw Prison's administration against their families.

Most of the detainees in the "Figures" case suffer from chronic diseases or other diseases due to torture, especially that the figures are old aged.

There are fears that cancer has returned to detained leader Hassan Mushaima, as reports from Abdulwahab Hussein's family stated that his eyesight is poor and that he suffers from other health problems.

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