Businessman Surprised his Wifes Name Added to Company Founders List Owned by Bengali Workers Wife

2018-03-03 - 11:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Businessmen stressed that the decree allowing foreigners to establish full-owned companies had allowed unskilled laborers to establish companies.

A businessman was surprised that the wife of one of the Asian (Bengali) workers has founded a company last month. He added that the Asian woman, who came to Bahrain as a companion, added his wife's name to the company founders' list without her permission.

The businessman, who refused to disclose his name, wondered what this decree will add to the economy, wondering, "does encouraging foreign investment mean allowing housekeepers to practice trade activities?'

Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa referred in April 2016 to the legislative authority a decree allowing foreigners to found full-owned companies and practice commercial activities that were limited to Bahrainis.

The royal court opened that door to foreign workers to establish companies and practice all forms of commercial activities.

Bahrain is the only Gulf State that allows foreign workers to completely practice trade activities.

Since clamping down on the pro-democracy protests, Bahrain took punitive measures against a group of people including businessmen.

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: Bahrain Mirror