Appeal Court: 15-Year Prison Term Handed down to Defendant for Involvement in Bombing in Diraz Targeting Police

2018-03-02 - 11:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court of Appeals in Bahrain commuted the sentence of a defendant convicted of attempting to kill two police officers and two policemen in the Diraz area from life to 15 years prison, while the court earlier upheld life sentences against three others in the case.

The authorities allege that: The first to the sixth defendant premeditated on 12/2/2016 the murder of police by targeting them with an explosive device. The sixth defendant, who fled abroad, contacted the first defendant and urged him to carry out the bombing, also asking him to plan with other persons he finds reliable to commit the act, hence the sixth agreed with the second who prepared the remote-activated explosive device. The first and second defendants planted it near a funeral home, and headed towards the area where an unauthorized march was being held. They met with the third, fourth and fifth defendants and informed them about their agreement, the location of the explosive device and how to detonate it, so they all agreed to participate with them in committing the act.

Three of the convicts, previously sentenced, challenged the life sentence which was upheld by the High Court of Appeal. A fourth appellant challenge the verdict and so the court commuted his sentence to 15 years' imprisonment.

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