Prison Sentence of Former Bahraini Minister Suspended after He Paid Up 60,000 Dinar Check

2018-02-22 - 10:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: 24 hours before the execution of his one year prison sentence over charges of issuing a 60,000 dinar check without an account balance, a former Bahraini minister submitted a request to stop the implementation of sentence in return for a compromise and reconciliation with the victim, and therefore the executing judge ordered yesterday the suspension of the sentence.

The first instance court had sentenced the minister to three years in prison. The ruling was appealed and as a result the court decided to commute the sentence to one year in prison, and thus the sentence was due to be executed before proceeding to the Court of Cassation. The minister's attorney submitted a request to suspend the sentence after he submitted a documented concession from the victim, which includes a reconciliation and waiver of the case.

The executing judge issued an order to stop the execution of the penalty under Law No. (41) of 2014 by the amendment of the last paragraph of Article 393 of the Penal Code promulgated by Legislative Decree No. (15) of 1976, which stipulates that: "The victim or his special attorney and heirs or their attorney in the aforementioned crimes in this Article have the right to ask the Public Prosecution or court in any case of the lawsuit proof of conciliation with the accused. The conciliation shall result in the expiry of the criminal proceedings if the case is before the court or annulling any grounds for prosecution if the case was still pending investigation at the Public Prosecution. If the offender is proved to have fulfilled paying the value of the check after a final ruling, the executing judge may order the suspension of the sentence imposed at the request of the convict or those representing him."

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