Bahrain Chief of Public Security Meets with Lebanese Journalist Known for his Anti-Shia Attitude

2018-02-06 - 10:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: Lebanese journalist Jerry Maher tweeted on his personal Twitter account a photo of his meeting with the chief of public security in Bahrain Tariq Al-Hassan.

Maher is known for his extreme political and anti-religious views directed at the Shiite sect.

The tweet published by MP Mohammed Khalid last month, which contained offensive terms against the twelfth Shia Imam, belonged originally to Jerry Maher, who resides in Sweden.

"I was honored to meet with His Excellency Major General Tariq bin Hassan Al-Hassan, Chief of the Bahraini Public Security. I listened him to speak of Bahrain's ancient history and the efforts of the public security apparatus and the Ministry of Interior to protect the Kingdom and its people from terrorism in all forms," he said.

Tariq Al-Hassan responded to Maher, by saying: "I was indeed glad and honored to meet you. I offer my wishes for your long-lasting success."

"The photo being circulated of the head of the Bahraini public security, Tariq Al-Hassan, with one of the Takfiris and the extremists is not shocking to me at all," said a Bahraini activist residing in Germany, stressing that this confirms "human rights activist Nabeel Rajab's tweet stating that the Interior Ministry is the ideological incubator of extremist officers of the Interior Ministry, who have joined the ISIS organization in Iraq and Syria."


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