Court Binds Company to Pay 23000 BD for Arbitrary Dismissed Arab

2018-01-24 - 9:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Superior Labour Court bound a commercial company to pay 23785 BD to an Arab employee who was dismissed after remaining in service for 18 years and 2 months, under company restructuring pretext, with 3% interest starting from the date the lawsuit was raised until payment is concluded, rejecting all other requests. It also ordered the two parties to pay appropriate charges and compensation of attorney fees.

The plaintiff brought this lawsuit demanding a ruling to bind the company to pay him 28440 BD as compensation for arbitrary dismissal and 2370 BD for allowance in lieu of notice, also demanding the company to pay 39631600 BD as severance pay, 1501 BD for annual leave allowance and 14666666 BD as incentive pay.

The plaintiff said that he worked for the company under an indefinite contract starting from 11/3/1996 for 2370 monthly salary. However, on 30/4/2014, the company dismissed him from work under company restructuring pretext and did not pay him his dues, which prompted him to raise charges.

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