High Criminal Court Upholds One-Year Jail Term against Individual over Attacking his Divorcee

2017-11-20 - 10:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the Northern Governorate's Public Prosecution, Mohamed Salah, said that the Second High Criminal Court upheld a first-instance court verdict sentencing a person to one year in prison, with the execution of sentence, over attacking his divorcee.

The Public Prosecution received a notice from Al-Khamis police station stating that a person attacked the bodily integrity of his divorcee and caused her injuries in different parts of her bodies.

The prosecution probed into the incident as soon as it received the notice, questioned the suspect and ordered his imprisonment pending investigation. The prosecution also went to Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex, listened to the testimony of the victim and hired a forensic doctor to examine the victim and then submitted its report. The victim was referred imprisoned to the minor criminal court that sentenced him to one year in prison with the execution of the sentence. The victim challenged the verdict in front of the competent court that issued its aforementioned verdict.

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