Imprisoned Individual Receives 3-Year Jail Term over Attacking Policeman in Jaw Prison

2017-11-18 - 9:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court handed down 3-year jail term to an imprisoned accused of beating policeman in Jaw prison and sabotaging the room contents of prison officer.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of attacking the bodily integrity of an individual affiliated to public security, on 5/2/2015, while and for performing his job, noting that the attack did not hinder him from performing his personal works for more than 20 days. It also accused him of deliberately damaging the movables owned by the ministry of interior that are mentioned in the papers.

The authorities claim that while the policeman was performing his job in Jaw prison, the suspect attacked him, kicked him and used a blade in an attempt to attack the policeman. However, the policeman could catch the suspect and put him in the room of the officer in duty, so the suspect sabotaged the landline phone, a wooden table, office's curtain and water cooler.

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