Bahraini Court: Asian National Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison and Deportation for ATM Robbery Attempt

2017-11-17 - 3:23 am

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court sentenced an Asian deputy corporal to one year in prison as well as deportation after being serving the prison term for attempting to steal from an ATM in the Busayteen area.

The deputy corporal in the General Directorate of Civil Defense attempted to steal from an ATM disguised as a woman wearing a back Abaya, but his attempt failed after the alarm went off, which forced him to back down.

The incident was discovered when an alert was made to the control room about an error in the surveillance camera of the ATM of a bank in Al-Busayteen area. This signal is issued if someone covers up the camera. The perpetrator of the crime had sprayed a substance on the camera, so the control room issued instructions to stop the device and start an alarm which led the defendant to flee the scene quickly.


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