10 Bahrainis Sentenced to Life Imprisonment and Stripped of Citizenship in Politically Motivated Case

2017-10-31 - 8:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced 10 defendants to life imprisonment in a politically motivated case, also stripping them all of their Bahraini nationality.

Attorney General Ahmed Al-Hammadi said that the Fourth High Criminal Court issued on Tuesday (10/10/2017) a verdict against 10 defendants, sentencing them to life imprisonment over charges of association with a terrorist group, while sentencing the ninth defendant to one month imprisonment and a fine of 100 dinars for possession of a sword without a license from the competent authorities, also revoking the nationality of all the defendants.

The prosecution alleges that it received a report on "the seizure of a terrorist group, as investigations indicated that a person (deceased in Iraq) before traveling was recruiting Bahraini elements in order to send them to Iraq and Iran to receive military training."

The prosecution relied on "evidence from prosecution witnesses (i.e. Interior Ministry police" officers) and "confessions of the accused" (often extracted under torture), and the "technical evidence, including the reports of the forensic evidence directorate."

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