Ibrahim Karimi Deported to Iraq after Serving his Prison Term

2017-10-31 - 7:33 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The Bahraini authorities deported today (Tuesday, October 31, 2017) morning citizen Ibrahim Karimi after serving his prison term sentence.

Karimi was arrested in September 2015 and was accused of publicly insulting the King on Twitter, inciting hatred against the regime and insulting Saudi Arabia, based on tweets published via Twitter account. The Ministry of Interior said that Karimi owns the account, although he denied the charge.

A first-instance court sentenced him to 2 years and 1 month in prison and 2100 BD fine and an appeals court upheld the verdict against him in December 2016.

It is to mention that Karimi had his citizenship revoked in 2012 in a decision issued by the Minister of Interior. A Bahraini court upheld the decision last March.

Karimi had already served a one-year jail term over assembling and setting up tent in the Lualau (Pearl) Roundabout.

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