At Least 5 Citizens Arrested within 48 hours, Raids in A’ali Continue

2017-10-24 - 8:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities continued their security campaign in A'ali village and other areas in Bahrain. Meanwhile, information reported that at least 5 citizens were arrested within the last 48 hours.

According to activists, the authorities arrested at the early hours of Monday (October 23, 2017) youth Ali Abdulilah from Manama after raiding his house. Meanwhile, another raid carried out on of Al-Malikiya houses led to the arrest of youth Mahmoud Abdula'al.

The authorities continued the intense raid campaign at night in A'ali village and arrested Younes Abdulaziz.

Reports showed that a youth was arrested today morning from Al-Dair village and that several houses were raided.

Youth Montazar Ali Hassan Al-A'am was arrested from A'ali today morning. Activists published photos showing the damage caused to the belongings of the houses raided by forces affiliated to the ministry of interior.

تكسير محتويات أحد المنازل في بلدة عالي علي يد قوات الداخلية

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