Appeal: Imprisonment, Citizenship Revocation Sentences in al-Mukhtar Brigades-Linked Case

2017-10-02 - 9:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Sixth High Appeal Court ruled the commutation of sentence for defendants accused of joining "Al-Mukhtar" Brigades and possessing weapons. The first defendant was sentenced to 10 years instead of 15, the second defendant was sentenced to 5 years instead of 7, while both their citizenships were revoked. A third sentence upheld a 3-year prison verdict against a 3rd defendant in the same case.

The first instance court had convicted defendants, and sentenced the first to 15 years, the third to 7 years, and fifth to 3 years, while it acquitted the second and fourth defendants, and ordered the confiscation of illegal belongings.

Authorities claim that the first defendant joined "Al-Mukhtar" Brigades in 2014, and contacted them through "Twitter" under pseudo account named "Ya Asadullah al-Ghaleb", through which he contacted with the affiliation who asked him for jobs. They also claim that the defendant then started receiving money from them to buy tools used in "terrorist operation".

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