FCO Warns its Citizens in Bahrain of Showing Sympathy for Qatar

2017-08-12 - 5:42 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) warned its citizens in Bahrain of showing sympathy for Qatar whether through social media outlets or by any other means of communication.

The FCO announced on its official website that showing sympathy for Qatar would lead to imprisonment in Bahrain or substantial fine. It added that "There are further restrictions on travel and residence affecting Bahrain and Qatar nationals."

It indicted that there remains the possibility of further civil disturbances and protests, following a security operation in the vicinity of Diraz on 23 May. There is currently an increased security presence in Bahrain. Britain guided its residents in Bahrain to follow the advice of the local authorities and directed them that in case they encounter a large demonstration, protest or any civil disturbances, they have to leave the area immediately. Demonstrations and protests take place regularly and can turn violent.

The government of Bahrain has imposed a curfew on the waterways around Bahrain between 6pm and 4am. Residents should respect the curfew.

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