Muslim Brotherhood Member Says He Wasn’t Banned from Delivering Speech in Sabeeka Mosque, Pledge to Complain against Rumor Propagator

2017-07-08 - 8:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former MP and leader in Al-Islah Society, preaching branch representing Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain, denied to have been prevented from delivering a speech in Sabeeka Al-Ansari Mosque in Isa Town, South of Manama.

He posted on his own Twitter account on (July 7, 2017) saying: "A false and funny news is circulated in Bahrain stating that I was banned from delivering a speech in Sabeeka Al-Ansari mosque. This is a fabricated story that didn't happen".

Khalid indicated that he will file a lawsuit at the prosecution and said that "He who feels immune from punishment acts immorally. This what made the Zionist of Bahrain freely defame and slander people. However, we have hope in Allah, the prosecution and the court."

He went on to say "We have trust in Allah, the justice of Public Prosecution under the chairmanship of Dr. Ali Al-Buainain and justice of our noble judges."

"We will not be dragged into their swamps because we were raised up in mosques on hands of Bahrain's clerics who taught us the morals of our prophet".

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