Bahraini Foreign Minister Denies Knowledge about Kuwaiti Mediation to Resolve Crisis with Qatar

2017-06-04 - 9:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: In a statement to the Saudi "Al-Hayat" newspaper in its today's issue (Sunday, June 4, 2017), the Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs Kahlid Al Khalifa denied knowing anything about diplomatic efforts to resolve the Qatari crisis. Yet, he stressed keenness on the unity of the Cooperation council, highlighting that he knows nothing about any Kuwaiti mediation.

The minister expressed hope that the Qatari crisis would be resolved within the coming period, indicating that the crisis between the brotherly states of Gulf Cooperation Council tends to be obvious. Al Khalifa said that there is an integrated and harmonious relation to repel risks and avoid anything that might separate the GCC states, whether from inside or outside.

The Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs Kahlid Al Khalifa affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain is interested in the council's unity against any dangers, especially during the coming days, in particular, after Riyadh summit in which cooperation was renewed between the GCC and its strong ally, US, considering that this is the most important thing which everyone must defend against any threat or danger.

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