3 & 5 Year Prison Verdicts for 12 Defendants Accused of Burning Tires near Souq Waqef

2017-06-04 - 6:06 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court ruled a 5 year prison verdict against 7 defendants, and 3 years against 5 others, with ages ranging between 16 and 23. It also imposed a 128 BD fine against them combined.

The court accused the defendants (July 28, 2016) of burning movables, taking part in an illegal assembly along with others, and of possessing Molotov cocktails. They were also accused of damaging a vehicle owned by the Ministry of Interior.

Authorities claim that the defendants, along with other unknown individuals, gathered in the Crown Prince street near Souq Waqef at 1:00 pm, in order to burn and attack cars with Molotov bottles.

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