Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman: Gov’t Seeks Alternative Obedient Political, Civil Society

2017-06-02 - 11:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini human rights defender of religious freedoms Sheikh Maytham al-Salman, believed that the Bahraini government is seeking the formation of an alternative political and civil society, obedient to it.

He believed that the government seeks such a society that would be obedient to its decisions, noting that instead of dialogue, the government sought extrajudicial killing, torture, detention, society dissolution, and freedom repression.

"All choices of repression, violence, discrimination, tyranny, and oppression are futile choices of regressive and fascist governments and parties. The government's McCarthyism show when it accuses all those opposing its policies and human rights defenders, of treason or conspiring against it without any evidence," Sheikh Al-Salman added.

"The McCarthy media in Bahrain is funny, as it depends on creating fabrications, illusions, or falsifying facts in an unprofessional way that does not fool the ignorant or the sane," he went on to say.

Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman concluded, "The [Bahraini] people want to enjoy dignity, equality, justice and democracy."

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