Two Kuwaiti Movements Urge Bahrain Gov’t to Reason and Avoid Security Escalations

2017-05-26 - 10:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement and the Kuwaiti Democratic Platform said that they "following with great concern and regret the events witnessed in the village of Diraz, in the sister Kingdom of Bahrain. The peaceful protest in Diraz was dispersed, and this was accompanied by victims of death, injury, and arrests."

In a statement Thursday (May 25, 2017), both movements expressed fear from the escalation in the security tackling of the political crisis in Bahrain tensioned for over 6 years. "The security tackling tends to complicate and deepen the political crisis, and increase the security tension," the movements added in their statement.

They also noted that all parties ought to reason, avoid escalations and confrontations, and look for a national political Bahraini solution, through opening a serious channel for dialogue, and resulting in a breakthrough that guarantees the stability of Bahrain, and the rights of its people.

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