Hezbollah Blames Saudi Regime for Decision to Attack Diraz and Sheikh Isa Qassims House

2017-05-24 - 4:45 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah blamed the Al Saud regime for the attack launched on Sheikh Isa Qassim and peaceful locals protesting outside his home in Diraz, deeming Saudi Arabia the real decision maker behind what is taking place in Bahrain.

In a statement issued on Tuesday (May 23, 2017), Hezbollah warned that causing any physical or moral harm to Sheikh Isa Qassim paves the way to unpredictable consequences spatially and chronologically.

Hezbollah called on the independent states and organizations to denounce the crime and exert their efforts to protect this prominent national leader, hailing the sacrifices of Diraz locals.

The Lebanese group further stressed that Sheikh Qassim who was stripped of citizenship "is a noble, pious religious scholar who represents a national symbol that guarantees civil peace," adding that "his eminence grants the Bahraini nationality its value."

Hezbollah condemned what it described as a "brutal attack on the unarmed safe locals of Diraz and on the young believers who have held a sit-in for many months for the sake of their religious authority, religion, homeland and dignity."

Concluding its statement, Hezbollah prayed Allah to have mercy on the martyrs and wished the wounded a speedy recovery, calling on the Bahrainis to stick to patience in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

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: Bahrain Mirror
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