Appeals Court Upholds Prison Sentences against 4 in Case Linked to Police Chase

2017-05-09 - 4:27 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeal upheld imprisonment verdicts against 4 defendants convicted with resisting policemen, possessing weapons and firing at the police during their arrest, in a chase at the Marina Club, toward the Maared street. Reports claimed that the police chase happened amid rounds of live ammunition from the first defendant.

The court ruled 15 years in prison against the first defendant, 5 years against the second, which the third and fourth defendants were sentenced to 1 year in prison. The court also imposed a fine worth 670 Bahrain Dinars for the damages their caused.

Authorities claim that on March 12, 2012, policemen went to the Marina Club in Manama to arrest the first and second defendants, wanted for other cases. The first defendant possessed a firearm, and used it to fire at the policemen. Also, the authorities said that the first defendant tried to escape the officers using a bicycle he took from passerby. The police however, kept on chasing him.

The first defendant headed towards a residential apartment in the Maared Street, but its owner asked him to leave. The defendant however, threatened the owner, and shot the owner inside the apartment. He was able to escape the bullet, which destroyed some of his belongings. Meanwhile, the police had arrived to the place, and arrested him there with the gun in his possession, according to the official incident report.

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