Public Prosecution Says it Assigned Police to Investigate in Martyr Mostafa Hamdans Case

2017-03-27 - 6:11 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution said that it commissioned the police to search and investigate in the case of martyr Mostafa Hamdan's killing.

Chief of Terror Crime Prosecution Advocate General Ahmed Al Hammadi said that his department received a notification that an individual was shot in different places in his body, and an injury in his head, because of which he was rushed to the hospital, and later deceased.

The Public Prosecution had received a notification from the Budaiya police station on January 26, 2017 at 5 am, stating that a person was rushed to the Salmaniya hospital as he suffers from a severe head injury. The report also noted that the victim's mother was questioned, and said that she saw her son lying down in front of the house in Karbabad, before he was rushed to the Salmaniya hospital.

As a result, the Terror Crime Prosecution went to the Salmaniya hospital, where they saw an injured individual in the operation room. According to the medical report, the diagnosis was that the injured suffered a skull fracture due to a hard body that also caused brain bleeding and nose fracture. Also, metal remnants were found spread all over his body. The Prosecution was informed of the injured individual's death the day before yesterday.

Accordingly, the Terror Crime Prosecution assigned a forensic doctor to inspect the deceased, and delegated the police to search and investigate into the case.

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