Journalist Lulwa Al-Khalifa Says Naturalization a Disgrace, Calls on Naturalized Bahrainis to Leave Bahrain

2017-03-24 - 1:18 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini author and journalist at Akhbar al-Khaleej newspaper, Lulwa Al-Khalifa, lashed through her twitter account the change in population structure occurring in Bahrain through the naturalization schemes conducted by the ruling family. She described the naturalization of foreigners as a disgrace.

In response to a Yemeni tweet reminding "Lulwa" that the Yemeni police is the one defending Bahrain, Lulwa Al-Khalifa said that Bahrain "has the men it needs to defend it, and that it doesn't need strangers, those whose naturalization was a disgrace." She further added, "Ask the Bahrainis if they were welcomed!"

In addition, in another tweet, she called on naturalized Bahrainis to leave Bahrain, saying, "Return to the people of Bahrain their houses and peace, and leave the land for its people, Sunnis and Shiites (and leave)!"

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: Bahrain Mirror