Bahrain: Protests Reject Saudi Presence in Country, Denounce Ayatollah Qassim’s Trial

2017-03-15 - 1:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain witnessed on Tuesday (March 14, 2017) various protests that coincided with the trial hearing scheduled to issue the verdict in the case of religious leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

Hundreds protested in various areas, while shops were closed on the day that marks Saudi forces' raids to aid the Bahraini regime in its crackdown against the popular uprising in 2011.

Protesters clashed with regime forces as the latter shot teargas canisters.

On the other hand, the court postponed the trial hearing to issue the verdict in Sheikh Qassim's trial until next May 7. Sheikh Qassim is being tried over managing the Shiite religious Khum ritual.

محاكمة الشيخ عيسى قاسم

محاكمة الشيخ عيسى قاسم2

محاكمة الشيخ عيسى قاسم3

محاكمة الشيخ عيسى قاسم4

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