Suspect Accused of Joining ISIS Transferred to Psychiatry, His Detention extended for 15 Days

2017-03-14 - 6:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court presided over by judge Ali Al-Dhahrani and memberships of judges Ousama Al-Shathili and Wael Ibrahim and Ahmad Al-Suleiman as a secretariat extended the detention of a suspect accused of joining the "ISIS" group to 15 days and ordered to transfer him to the psychiatric hospital. The Criminal Investigation Department received a notice stating that the national security apparatuses said that a group joined ISIS and that they are aiming at executing terrorist operations in Bahrain.

Information revealed that the 5 suspects adopt the ideas of the extremist organization and have contact with ISIS. Information added that the suspects promote for "ISIS" and seek to make others join it. They also planned to target critical places in the Kingdom including celebrations of Coronation Day, Independence Day and New Year.

Information indicated that these operations were planned to take place as a response to calls from ISIS members. These calls aimed at executing terrorist operations that target the security of the Kingdom, intimidating residents, endangering people's lives and harming national economy, aiming at disrupting public peace for terrorist aims. The first suspect (whose detention was renewed and transferred to psychiatry) confessed that he joined the organization and that he was in contact with his friend through "Telegram" program and he said that he committed sins and wants to carry out an operation against Shia in Bahrain. He also said that his phone has programs on how to manufacture bombs as well as other documents like the songs found in the seized "hard disks".

The authorities refrain from saying any information about ISIS cells. They also do not publish photos of suspects and convicts, unlike what they do with the dissidents that publish their photos and names as soon as they are arrested and before presenting them to the court.  

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