Detainee Abu Al-Fadel Al-Qashaami Returned to his Prison Cell amid Fears of Being Subjected to Torture

2017-03-12 - 8:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Detainees in Dry Dock Prison said that the state's security apparatus returned detainee Abu Al-Fadel Al-Qashaami to his prison cell three days earlier, after no one knew anything about him.

According to the inmates, forces affiliates to the state's security apparatus came last Thursday and took Abu Al-Fadel, and no news were reported about him since then amid fears of him being subjected to brutal torture again.

The authorities had transferred cleric Sheikh Mohammad Saleh al-Qashaami and his son Abu Al-Fadel to the Dry Dock Prison 26 days after their enforced disappearance.

The authorities raided the house of Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Qashaami and arrested him along with his son "Abu Al-Fadel" and daughter Amira on February 9, on the background of hiding wanted over political cases. The ministry of interior published photos of Al-Qashaami, his son and daughter through media outlets, claiming that they belong to terrorist cell; this charge is usually brought by the authorities against activists demanding freedom and democracy in Bahrain.

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