Council of Representatives Approves Draft Constitutional Amendment Granting Military Jurisdiction Right to Prosecute Civilians

2017-02-22 - 7:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: 31 legislators approved on Tuesday (February 21, 2017) a draft constitutional amendment suggested by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The proposal grants the military jurisdiction broader power, including prosecuting civilians.

MPs Jameela Al-Sammak, Sheikh Majeed Al-Asfour and Ali Al-Ateesh did not vote. Meanwhile, Mohammad Milad rejected the amendment that was referred to  the Shura Council being urgent.

The amendment stipulates the replacement of item B of Article 105 in the constitution. It instructs that "the jurisdiction of military courts shall be confined to military offences committed by members of the Bahrain Defence Force, the National Guard, and the Security Forces. It does not extend to other persons except when martial law is declared and within the bounds prescribed by law". The amendment, replaces the existing text with, "The law regulates the military judiciary and shows its competence in each of the Defence Force, the National Guard and the Public Security."

The discussion was attended by Military Judiciary Yousif Flaifel who said that the amendment "came late", adding that it aims at combating terrorism in any way.

He added "the terrorist crimes threaten the Bahrain Defence Force, the National Guard, and the Security Forces."

Assistant Undersecretary of Legal Affairs in Interior Ministry Mohammed Buhamood said that the constitutional amendment related to the military jurisdiction allows the competent parties to refer some cases that are considered dangerous to the public interest to the military jurisdiction.

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