Freedom House: Bahrain Worst 6th Country in World in Terms of Freedoms Decline over 10 Years

2017-02-01 - 7:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Freedom House classified Bahrain as the sixth worst country in the world in terms of freedom decline over 10 years. Bahrain came after Central African Republic, Turkey, The Gambia, Mali and Burundi. According to this scale, Manama was classified in a rank worst than Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.

Bahrain had declined 25 points during the past 10 years on the index of freedom in the world. This came in the Freedom House's annual report about freedoms in the world issued this month.

Bahrain's total index points on Freedom House rating for 2016 decreased from 14/100 to 12/100. It got the 17th rank in the bottom of the list.

Bahrain scored 6.5/7 on the freedom rating, 7/7 on political rights and 6/7 on civil liberties, noting that 1 means most free and 7 is least free.

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