Local Newspaper: 133M BD in Salaries, Allowances for Gov’t Foreign Employees in 2015

2017-01-28 - 9:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini daily newspaper al-Wasat, said that the final account of the state in 2015 showed that the sum of salaries designated for foreign workers in the government, adds up to 133 million dinars. These salaries included allowances, overtime, housing, livelihood improvement, car raise, transportation, and other personal allowances.

According to governmental data, the number of foreign workers in the governmental sector does not exceed 5 thousand employees.

The final account shows an 80 million dinar difference between the amount designated for these expenses and the actual spending registered.

It noted that the actual spending in 2013 did not exceed 130 million 964 thousand and 936 dinars, further adding that the "overtime work received by non-governmental workers has exceeded 3 million dinars, while car and transportation allowances alone exceeded 1 million and 600 thousand dinars."

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