Al-Wefaq: Execution Will Have Serious Repercussions on Country's Future Political Stability

2017-01-15 - 7:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Islamic Society Al-Wefaq called on the international community to take a stance against the recent development in Bahrain, in reference to the Bahraini authorities' intention to execute three of its citizens.

Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, said in a statement Saturday (January 14, 2017), "We believe that executing such a crime is extremely dangerous and crazy. The humanitarian, ethical, and national situation needs more maturity and sanity, and requires staying away from retaliatory measures."

He believed that such an action would leave serious repercussions on the future of the country's political stability.

"The political objective of this crime to compensate for the continuous failures of the regime, will fail", al-Daihi said.

"The vague charges were accompanied by highly errored judicial measures", al-Wefaq's deputy Secretary General indicating, adding that all arrested included serious violations and buses.

Moreover, he said, "The international community has already expressed lack of international trust in the Bahraini judiciary, while masters political persecution and fake justice against prisoners of conscience".

"We call on the international community to take a firm stance regarding the recent very serious developments in Bahrain," he went on to say.

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